Commercial Excellence

Startup Biotech’s First Commercialization

Clinical Stage
Emerging Pharma

Business Needs

Our client, an oncology biotech start-up, expected top-line results for their lead asset in the next two years. Given how critical it was to get the commercialization of this first asset right, the client team partnered with Acsel to determine requirements for successful commercialization, identify gaps in existing plans, and prepare a refined strategy.


Leveraging our experience guiding startups through the commercialization process for the first time, we:

  • Conducted research on representative startup oncology biotech companies’ first commercialization preparations in US and EU
  • Generated case studies that outlined specific insights on the implications of under- and over-investment and preparation, best practices, pitfalls, and implications
  • Performed a gap assessment of existing plans to identify critical commercialization activities, by milestone and function, required to achieve an optimal outcome
  • Created a commercialization blueprint of milestone-based activities and budget requirements to successfully launch first product


In collaboration with the client team, Acsel crafted a tailored commercialization plan for the organization to execute. The insights gleaned from the benchmarking work, coupled with Acsel’s experience, led to development of a well-formulated and evidence-supported plan shared with Senior Leadership and the Board of Directors.