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US Access Launch Strategy

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Business Needs

To prepare for a new product launch in a highly competitive specialty category, our client sought to develop a robust pricing and contracting strategy, as well as a compelling payer value proposition. The priorities for a successful US launch in this category were clear: ensure adequate payer coverage and timely patient access while preserving asset value. The client’s portfolio focus necessitated, recommendation development in the context of lifecycle management and franchise planning.


Acsel leveraged extensive experience winning in competitive access situations to:

  • Perform targeted secondary research on category dynamics and access landscape
  • Conduct qualitative research with payers and physicians to assess their reaction to product profile and key value attributes, pricing and contracting expectations, and likely coverage and prescribing propensity under various pricing and competitive scenarios
  • Field quantitative research with payers and physicians to quantify the impact of product profile and price on payer coverage, as well as the impact of product profile and access restrictions on physician prescribing
  • Develop a decision support tool to model expected price-access, access-volume, and price-volume relationship, and estimate revenue impact
  • Facilitate an Advisory Board with payers to validate and refine assumptions on pricing and contracting strategies, as well as payer value messages
  • Distill research findings into an integrated strategy and suite of tactics for launch.


Following a series of high-productivity workshops with the client, Acsel delivered a comprehensive market access launch strategy. Our recommendations incorporated lifecycle considerations, franchise positioning, and evolving competitive dynamics to ensure significant payer coverage and patient access.